The training for the childcare specialist (FaBE Kind EFZ)

Childcare specialist accompany, support and encourage children in their everyday life in institutions that complement families and schools or in stationary institutions (children's / youth homes). The training to become a child care specialist is a three-year basic vocational training course that takes place in the three learning locations of the apprenticeship company, vocational school and inter-company courses. The three-year basic vocational training is completed immediately after compulsory schooling and is part of the educational system at upper secondary level. Adults with professional experience in childcare can complete the training specialist child care specialist in two years.

 What those interested in a profession must bring with them

Career starters who are sociable, enjoy working in a team and are interested in the education, care and upbringing of children bring the most important qualities with them. If you also like to observe, reflect and express yourself well in word and writing, many tasks in the training will be easier.

Opportunities after graduation 

After completing an apprenticeship, many doors are open:

  • Work in various institutions: day care centers, day structures for school children, day schools, large families, children's and youth clubs, children's and youth homes.
  • Higher technical school: With the HF child rearing course, which builds on the EFZ, professional skills can be deepened in terms of pedagogical work, teamwork and managerial tasks. In German-speaking Switzerland there are the following four providers: BFF in BernAgogis in Winterthurbfs in BaselCuraviva hfk in Zug
  •  in ZugBerufsmaturität: Mit einer Berufsmaturität bietet sich die Möglichkeit, eine Fachhochschule für soziale Arbeit zu besuchen (Studienrichtungen: Sozialpädagogik FH, Soziokulturelle Animation FH, Sozialarbeit FH usw.).
  •  Industry-specific vocational trainer course from kibesuisse -  Branchenspezifischer Berufsbildnerkurs  (after two years of professional experience): a five-day vocational trainer course that leads to a federally recognized course certificate
  •  Further training courses from kibesuisse - Weiterbildungsangebot von kibesuisse: In order to stay up to date professionally, the association offers a wide range of further training courses for children.

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