Bruno Wagner - Managing Director

He has been involved in the Bambi-Tagi as president for over 20 years.


Rahel Gröli  - Group Leader - Winnie/Babar

Handicrafts activities with children, whether with woods, plants textile or papers.


Aziza Farih - our Cook

Indulge and feast in Mediterranean and European culinary arts distinguishes our cook and she is delighted to prepare more new food with a lot of joy and passion for our dear children.


Aurora Hasanaj - FaBe - Co-Worker


Nurija Cukeska - Co-Worker



Marcel Laaser  - FaBe - 3st year of apprenticeship


Elmedina Ziberi - FaBe - 2st year of apprenticeship


Fabiana Pisani  - FaBe - 1st year of apprenticeship


Valentina Messina - Trainee


Joanna Dema - Trainee


Lorisa Ajvazi - Trainee


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