Nutrition and Lunch Menu (Mittagstisch) in Birsfelden / Basel


homemade, fait maison, fatto in casa, hausgemacht....our food is freshly cooked every day

The meals are prepared with love by our experienced cook at Bambi-Tagi. Cooking fresh and varied daily and eating together is a supportive element for our community and the demand for quality and healthy food. Great importance is attached to a child-friendly, varied diet for the appropriate age of your child. According to the state of development, cooking is done with a little spices and sugar. The children should have a super-great taste and cover their daily needs for nutritional values, fiber and vitamins. With regional ingredients for a strong growing up with us in Birsfelden / Base


  1. economical: high-fat and sugar-rich foods (fat food, sweets, snacks)
  2. moderate: animal food (Milk, dairy products, eggs, sausage, fish)
  3. abundant: drinks (water, unsweetened herbal- and fruit tea) and plant foods (vegetables, fruits, rice, potatoes)

 Concept - Fourchette verte - The label balanced nutrition

  • Menu plan 4 - 6 weeks of varied meals without repetition
  • Seasonal menus expand the variety (e.g. in the summer: Birchermüesli or sausage and cheese egg salad with bread; Autumn: pumpkin soup with bread and salad)
  • Homemade menus: potato salad, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, whole grain bread, meatballs, pizza dough, etc.
  • Babies 6 to 12 months; individual slices of vegetables -, fruit and porridge
  • Infants from 12 months; balanced, varied diet with vegetables, fruits and fibers
  • Breakfast and Snacks; prepared together by staff and children
  • Lunch; cooked by our own cook

Our meals are available to children in the normal daily structure as well as to those who only need a lunch menu.


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