Bambi-Tagi, the super-secure daycare center in Birsfelden / Basel 

Our Childcare center is certified with the "Fourchette verte" quality label

Bambi-Tagi, the modern daycare center for Birsfelden, Riehen as well as the quarters Breite, Lehenmatt, Wettstein and Gellert of the city Basel

  • A place, where children can be children and their parents
    can be assured that their beloved ones are in good hands
  • For children from 3 months to 12 years
  • You are always welcome to visit us

We are a state-approved, private day-care center (Kita) and for over 55 years, we look after children from Birsfelden, Riehen, Basel and the surrounding area. Our qualified employees take great care of the children, mostly in the age from 3 months to 6. grade. Since January 2017 we offer 56 full-time childcare places.

  • Learning, singing, dancing, environment and nature are part of our daily structure

The well-being of your child / children and their active support are our focus. Regularly rituals give children security and orientation in every day live and promotes the development. Varied and divers activities enable versatile and intense learning experience. Daily walks and trips offer variety and convey environmental and nature competence. Through space and time we enable the kids to make friends, develop a sense of community and to strengthen cohesion.

“Take your child by the hand and let yourself be guided, look at the stones, which cancels it, and listen carefully, what it tells you… and it will take you in a world, that you’ve long since forgotten.”

(Werner Bethmann)